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Starborne Legion Cinematic

«Starborne is an internal project at Heskil that began almost 4 years ago in a concept art class led by our leader, Marco Reynoso. He explained how to create sci-fi characters just for fun, which eventually evolved into an IP that allowed us to develop content and refine AAA industry pipelines. In Mexico, there’s outsourcing, but no IP is produced at this high level of artistic and visual quality. We’re very proud of the process and understand that achieving the expected results will take more time.

«Get ready to explore space alongside the renegade soldier Steele, and uncover the origin that foretells humanity’s demise.

Starborne unfolds as a narrative sci-fi story built for a third-person videogame, featuring two adversaries bound by a common goal: to stop the fall of humanity by fighting an interstellar demonic invasion. In a futuristic realm where the boundaries between enemies blur, Steele navigates the cosmic expanse, to find the only prophetic salvation.»



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